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Why women and men in Richmond are considering teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin The quest for whiter teeth isn't new. About 4,000 years ago Egyptians whitened their teeth with a paste made of vinegar and ground pumice. Ancient Romans whitened with urine (ammonia has a bleaching effect), and 17th century barbers applied acid to remove stains – unfortunately it also removed enamel. Today Americans spend millions each year on over the counter whitening products and professional teeth whitening. Dr. Charles Martin of Richmond Smile Center takes this look at their motivation.

Why white teeth are attractive

Of course what's on the inside of a person is more important than outward appearances. However, studies show that an attractive smile statistically improves acceptance and success in personal situations and in business. It is actually a natural instinct to be drawn to a warm smile with white teeth for three basic reasons. It indicates:
  • Health. Your mouth shares an intimate connection with the rest of your body. White teeth, free of discoloration from decay, gum disease, and stains, radiate the wellness of your mouth and body.

  • Wealth. This point is sensitive, but frankly a beautiful smile is associated with success in our culture.

  • Youth. The vast majority of our population develops pearly white teeth initially. As we age our teeth develop stains from foods and beverages, tobacco, and the passage of time. Enamel thins and allows the yellowish dentin layer to show through. Thus, we naturally correlate discolored teeth with advancing age, and white teeth with youth.

Why consider professional whitening?

  • Convenience. Richmond Smile Center recognizes that your teeth, budget, and schedule are unique. Dr. Martin provides a variety of whitening solutions including fast in-office treatment, at home and overnight whitening, and deep bleaching for stubborn stains. At Richmond Smile Center you get the convenience of whitening that fits your lifestyle, not the expensive trial and error of OTC products.

  • Safety. Professional teeth whitening, with the oversight a Dentist and a trained hygiene team, is very safe. You know what to expect, get thorough instructions, and Dr. Martin uses special techniques to minimize risk of sensitivity.

  • Effectiveness. There is no substitute for medical grade, prescription strength whitening agents. The products used at Richmond Smile Center penetrate deep into tooth enamel to loosen and lift stains, without abrasion that could scratch tooth enamel.
What does your smile say about you? If you'd like it to do a better job of broadcasting your inner light, call 804-417-7203 for a teeth whitening consultation.

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