Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a relaxing alternative available if you are frightened of dental treatment. If you need a little extra reassurance, sedation dentistry is available to make your visits more comfortable.

For some patients, even minor dental work can present a high level of anxiety, and we often see patients who have put off dental work for many years. If you have been putting off dental work for fear of pain or just the sound of the dental drill, contact our office and schedule a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry offers a pleasant, safe and easy way for you to stop suffering from the hidden costs of improper dental care. No longer do you need to be embarrassed by your teeth or live in pain. Finally, you can reclaim your health and your looks and get the dental care you need.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a safe, comfortable way to completely relax during dental appointments. With sedation dentistry you really can be comfortable right through a dental appointment. In most cases our patients do not actually fall asleep, but they do experience a deep feeling of calm and peace. Combined with the careful application of a numbing agent to any sensitive areas, patients experience a pain-free, relaxing session with us.

Oral Conscious Sedation dentistry is ideal if you:

  Are afraid of needles

  Have had bad experiences in the past with a dentist or in a dental office

  Have dental phobias

  Fear the pain associated with dentistry

  Hate drills or the smell of the dental office

  Have serious tooth decay that is affecting your overall health

  Experience constant oral pain

  Can’t get numb with anesthesia

What Does Sedation Feel Like?

A catnap. You’re not unconscious, but you’re pleasantly “dozing” as though in a half waking, half dream state. Most of our patients report feeling just unaware enough to be calm and relaxed. And when it’s over you’ll feel refreshed.

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