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Patients rethink dental visits, thanks to sedation dentistry in Richmond

Richmond Sedation Dentistry - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Richmond Smile Center isn't offended when patients say, "I hate the dentist." Dr. Martin and his team know this fear of the dentist stems from painful or negative experiences, oftentimes in childhood. However, it is never too late and there is no time like the present to rethink dental visits.

It's important to see dentistry for what it is today and for what it is at the Richmond Smile Center, and not to base your perception of dentistry on the technologies, approaches, and science that was available years ago, perhaps when you had your negative experience. It is also important not to paint all dentists with the same brush. Every dentist has a different style, along with nuances in the technical stuff – experience chairside and with certain types of procedures, as well as products, materials, and equipment.

Dr. Martin offers options to put even the most fearful patients at ease. While many patients may associate sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide or laughing gas, Dr. Martin is uniquely trained and equipped to offer conscious oral sedation.

You will take the medication by mouth to melt your fears away, but you will remain awake throughout the procedure, but you will be relaxed enough to not feel any pressure or discomfort.

It should be noted that when you are fearful, your threshold of pain is actually lowered. You may become overly sensitive to every movement, sound, smell, or sensation. Chemicals such as adrenalin heighten your alertness and your muscles may tense. All of these factors can make your experience during treatment, and afterward, far worse and far more painful than when you are relaxed.

Conscious oral sedation allows a comfortable procedure and recovery. Dr. Martin will consider factors such as medical conditions you are being treated for before determining the best medication for you.

He will also provide instructions to ensure that something as seemingly innocuous as consuming grapefruit juice can interfere with the way some pills are broken down in your body. To ensure the effectiveness of this sedative, it is recommended that grapefruit be avoided 72 hours before and immediately after the procedure.

Dr. Martin will inquire about habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, which could affect how well the sedative works. Since this sedative option does not require needles (like IV sedation does), you avoid one of the greatest sources of dental fear and phobia. These pills can go to work in a matter of minutes, but you will need to schedule time off work and a make transportation arrangements following treatment, as you will be drowsy until the medication wears off.

Since the amount of time the medication is effective and the amount of time it stays in the body varies by type, Dr. Martin can provide detailed information and instructions following a consultation to determine the best course of action for you. For a pain-free visit to the dentist, schedule an appointment at our Richmond VA office by calling 804.417.7203 .

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