Plastic Surgery for your gums

Your gum tissue has its own form, texture, color, shape and position. Usually these factors are dictated by the teeth, but often due to inflammation, tooth loss, abnormal position of teeth or gum recession, the gum can move into positions too high or too low on the teeth. Sometimes, the tissue itself will lose the attachment to the root making the tooth more liable for infection and breakdown. Asymmetries of gum position can result from mismatched bites and over or under-erupted teeth. When the gums aren’t “right” it is nigh on impossible to give the teeth the right look.

Plastic surgery for your gums can solve all these problems and more. We can actively intervene to move your gums using periodontal plastic surgery techniques. These procedures can reposition gum tissue around your teeth to create symmetry, gain new attachment of tissue and show the right gum length on each tooth.


Before and After Perio-Plastic Surgery

For some people, a gummy smile can be embarrassing. With these techniques, we can often change the gummy look into the just right look, where the amount of tooth that shows is enlarged while the gum is decreased. On the other hand, the situation can be reversed – not enough gum shows. If this is the case, procedures can be done to release muscles that bind your lips to cover too much of your teeth.

A frequent condition for many people is that their teeth look too short. Often this is caused by an alteration in the way the teeth erupt. Sometimes all that is needed is to uncover what is there. The procedures can be used to reveal the teeth hiding underneath excessive gums. Sometimes this involves removing just soft tissue, and the more likely scenario is the need to re-shape bone and soft tissue that cover the teeth. It sounds more difficult for you that it actually is. Recovery is rapid and the results are tremendous.

I’ve had more than one patient come to me and ask me for porcelain veneers on their front teeth so they’ll look better.

After I look at their smiles, I often find that the problem is not that their teeth don’t look good. It’s their gums are inappropriately positioned so they don’t display enough teeth. For these people, we can redesign the smile with periodontal plastic surgery that reveals more teeth so their smile looks great.