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Often overlooked dental restoration for mature Richmond patients

Dental Restoration - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin There was a time when dentistry for mature patients meant dentures. Much has changed in nutrition, oral hygiene, and dental treatment. Today most adults and seniors can keep their natural teeth for life, with proper care. That means regular checkups and prompt restorative treatment when needed. Dr. Charles Martin of Richmond Smile Center encourages mature adults not to neglect dental care.

Adult tooth decay

You may think cavities are kids' stuff, but tooth decay is the most common reason for adult dental restoration, followed by fractured teeth, and replacement of old dental work.

The cause of tooth decay in adults is a bit different than in children. Most adults don't eat a lot of candy. However, older adults may have grown up without adequate fluoride, resulting in many childhood fillings, as well as eventual crowns and bridges. Over time mouth structures change, and old restorations shrink and wear away. Tiny spaces form between teeth and restorations, forming prime spots for bacteria to accumulate and create decay.

Adults are also subject to root caries. Periodontal disease or years of aggressive brushing may cause gums to recede, exposing a portion of tooth roots. Root surfaces are not protected by enamel; they are covered by cementum which is softer and develops decay more easily.

Have you heard the term "morning breath?" You produce less saliva during sleep, which allows oral bacteria to populate and results in halitosis. Chronic dry mouth, a common condition among older adults, also contributes to tooth decay. Continual flow of saliva helps to flush food particles and neutralize bacterial plaque. Inadequate saliva allows bacteria to thrive.

Dental care customized for mature adults

While Dr. Martin enjoys caring for patients of all ages, he does not apply a cookie cutter approach to treatment. With three decades of dental experience, he takes time to assess your situation – health, appearance, body chemistry, lifestyle, schedule, and dental needs. Then he designs an individualized treatment plan to address your specific dental concerns. In addition to restoring tooth decay with fillings that blend beautifully with existing dentition, Richmond Smile Center provides dental implants, treatment for periodontal disease and bone loss, root canal therapy, extractions, dentures, and denture retro-fitting.

Don't compromise your natural smile by overlooking the need for routine dental visits and necessary restorations. Call 804.417.7203 to experience dental care designed with mature adults in mind.

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