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High-Tech Dentistry

High-Tech Dental Services - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Dr. Martin and his team here at Richmond Smile Center are committed to delivering gentle, comfortable, dental care, by utilizing state of the art technology and advanced techniques.

Dr. Martin has over 30 years of dental experience, and he is an Academy of General Dentistry Master. He is also a Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Additionally, as an expert diagnostician, Dr. Martin dedicates a considerable amount of time to sharing his knowledge and teaching fellow dentists advanced techniques.

When you visit Richmond Smile Center, you can expect to find yourself at the center of our attention at all times. We are committed to serving you and providing excellent care in a gentle and relaxed atmosphere.

Our high-tech dental services include:
  • SomnoMed dental device
  • Onset from Onpharma
  • Implant system
  • Diagnodent
  • Zoom Whitening
  • LightWalker dental laser painless dentistry
  • PerioScope
  • Intraoral Camera
  • Digital X-rays

Painless Dentistry

Drill free dentistry

Would you like to experience drill-less, or even no-drill dentistry, often without the use of needles? If so, you have chosen the right dental practice! This advanced technique utilizes the power of forced air along with micro particles to gently etch tooth material with precision accuracy.

Laser dentistry

We are proud to use some of the most innovative dental lasers on the market. These devices can be used to address periodontal disease without the need for anesthesia. The procedure halts the progression of the infection, and it facilitates improved healing of the bone and gum tissues.

Laser therapy can also be used cosmetically, to sculpt an individual’s gum line for a more attractive smile.

Electronic anesthesia

Relaxation without pain, needles, drugs, or after-effects is possible thanks to this exciting and innovative technology. This amazing technology delivers precision amounts of targeted numbing power, allowing you to experience advanced dentistry without pain. When you are ready to leave our office, you will not have to worry about the discomfort and problems of a partially numb face, as many local anesthetics cause.

Sedation dentistry

Richmond Smile Center offers a variety of options for dental sedation, allowing each patient to reach optimal relaxation.

Single visit root canal treatment

Many people avoid dental care due to fear of root canal treatment, often including people who do not even need the procedure, simply due to a long-perpetuated myth. In the past, many people’s hesitation was actually related to the technique, rather than the actual fear of discomfort. It was traditionally an imprecise and often manual procedure.

We are proud to use advanced technology to deliver expedited and comfortable root canal treatment. We begin by locating the root’s apex, using precise electric diagnostics, and then we can comfortably and efficiently remove the damaged dental pulp.

Surgical telescope

In surgical and other dental procedures, precision is crucial for both comfort and a successful outcome. Therefore, we use advanced telescopic technology for enhanced and enlarged viewing of the work in progress. This makes surgeries more comfortable and cosmetic cases more beautiful.

Advanced technology

Digital x-rays

We can provide improved diagnostics with greatly reduced radiation exposure thanks to digital x-rays. This technique also allows your dentist you view the results immediately.

Intraoral camera

These tiny cameras provide your dentist or hygienist with high-quality images, and allow you to see exactly what they are seeing.


This device delivers real-time visual data for analyzing the health of tooth root and gum tissues beneath the surface.


This state of the art PerioScope and dental laser is utilized in the evaluation and treatment of periodontal disease.


For fast and fabulous smiles, ZOOM! laser whitening is the answer. In just about an hour, we can improve the color of your smile by as much as eight shades, and the results are instant.


This laser technology enables us to detect cavities in the early stages, when they can be treated most comfortably, conservatively, and effectively.

Implant Dentistry

Dr. Martin utilizes a revolutionary new implant technology, which allows him to complete the procedure in just one visit for many patients. Treatments that would take months using older methods can often be completed in just an hour.

Additionally, we use SimPlant software, which is a precision three-dimensional implant placement design system.


For gentle, speedy dental fillings, we use a buffering agent called Onset, from Onpharma, which helps reduce or eliminate pain associated with injection by altering the acid levels of the anesthetic formula.


Sleep apnea and snoring can often be corrected with this gentle, lightweight, and comfortable oral appliance.

Are you ready to enjoy the comfortable, convenient benefits of advanced modern dentistry? If so, call Richmond Smile Center at 804.417.7203 and schedule a consultation today.

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