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A new age of oral care in Richmond with laser periodontal treatment

Laser Periodontal Treatment - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin The word "light" has many positive connotations. We use it to describe illumination, understanding, weightlessness, and carefree attitude. It's only natural that a modern treatment for an age-old problem involves light energy. Dr. Charles Martin brings gum disease management out of the dark ages for patients in the Richmond area, with laser periodontal treatment.

The importance of healthy gums

There was a time when the mouth was treated as an entity separate and distinct from the rest of the body. Today we know better – everything that goes into the mouth and goes on in the mouth (good and bad) has an impact on the rest of your body. Gum health is very important in this regard.

Gum disease, especially in its early stages, is easy to ignore. There's little pain and symptoms like bad breath and puffy, bleeding gums are quickly forgotten. However, infection is brewing. You wouldn't ignore infection about the size of your fist if it occurred anywhere else on your body, and for good reason. An infection is an organism living inside you, colonizing, reproducing, and gleaning nourishment from your tissues.

Gum disease is an especially insidious infection for diabetics. Infection triggers a stress response in the body that boosts certain hormones which work against insulin. Glucose production increases and blood sugar levels elevate. Untreated gum disease makes it difficult to regulate blood sugar and diabetes symptoms, even with medication and attention to diet.

In addition, bacteria that cause gum disease can infiltrate the body, leading to systemic inflammation that contributes to cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, premature births, and more.

Why newer is better

Treatment for gum disease typically begins with a procedure called scaling and root planing. It involves scraping tartar from teeth and roots and removing diseased tissue to allow gums to re-establish a tight seal. The process is now far ahead of where it used to be. Today comfort during and after is the norm. There may be slight soreness but well the worth the improvement in your gum health.

At Richmond Smile Center the focus is on prevention of gum disease. However, when it gains a foothold, Dr. Martin treats gum disease with a therapy that's light years ahead older style methods. He performs gentle gum therapy using the LightWalker laser device for mild to moderate (and some advanced) cases. A hair-fine probe is inserted into the pocket around the tooth root. Controlled wavelengths of laser energy smooth the root and eliminate bacteria and diseased soft tissues. There is little or no discomfort or bleeding, and the procedure speeds healing.

There's no need to be in the dark about the availability of laser periodontal treatment in Richmond. Call 804.417.7203 for enlightenment from Dr. Martin and the Richmond Smile Center team.

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