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Richmond dentist takes years off patients' faces with a modern, neuromuscular-oriented approach to dentures

Dentures Dentist - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin When you hear the word "facelift," the dentist probably doesn't come to mind. Thanks to an advanced technology and understanding of musculature and facial anatomy, you should consider the dentist instead of the plastic surgeon when looking for ways to restore a youthful appearance.

In addition, the Fountain of Youth Dentures approach isn't invasive in the way that a cosmetic procedure might be, yet you can achieve many of the benefits achieved with treatments normally administered by plastic surgeons. Unlike traditional dentures that merely replace teeth, this neuromuscular approach to dentures both replaces teeth and it fills in wrinkles and plumps up lips without injectables or going under the knife.

A common problem with dentures

Missing teeth or conventional dentures can prematurely age you in unexpected ways.

The roots that hold your teeth into place are also attached to underlying bone. This bone gets physical stimulation from the forces of the tooth chewing, biting, and other functions. In turn, the bone retains its strength. While conventional dentures can help you regain function by replacing teeth, the function is not natural. After all, these dental appliances are designed to sit on top of gum tissue. They are not built like natural teeth.

Quite quickly, you may begin to experience resorption or bone loss as the jawbone doesn't get the stimulation from teeth rooted in the bone. Your face will appear shorter as bone is worn down, and traditional dentures do nothing to address this problem. These factors promote the development of wrinkles and folds around the mouth and jawline, and excess skin on the chin and neck.

The Fountain of Youth Dentures difference

Neuromuscular diagnostics and design take into account all of the oral structures that are affected by tooth loss, including the muscles.

The design process includes carefully measuring the dimensions of your face. The movements of the jaw are recorded, and adjustments made to compensate for any shifts associated with conventional dentures. Detailed impressions are taken of the entire oral cavity. At the time the dentures are placed, a technician is on hand to make adjustments as needed.

After the dentures are placed, you can begin to enjoy a new look. This neuromuscular-oriented design better supports the front teeth and lips and eliminates the sunken, drawn appearance associated with tooth loss and dentures. Back teeth are also supported to fill out facial structures. As these areas are effectively plumped up, there is a smoothing effect on the wrinkles of the face. This action also raises neck tissues and adds definition to the chin and jawline.

Unlike some plastic surgery procedures, the results are natural. You look younger, not like a different person. Call 804-417-7203 to schedule an appointment with your Dentures Dentist in Richmond, Dr. Charles Martin.

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