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Dentist in Richmond explains benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures

Benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Take a moment to think about the amazing advances that have been made in prosthetics. In 300 BC a leg amputee relied on a wooden post held in place with leather straps. Today a similar patient might have a high-tech carbon fiber prosthetic with hydraulics, mechanical linkages, motors, and computer microprocessors to simulate natural function. Bear in mind that dentures are prosthetics, too, and they have also evolved dramatically. Dr. Charles Martin is pleased to offer patients in the Richmond area a new type – Fountain of Youth Dentures – that have some amazing benefits.

The Fountain of Youth Dentures difference

In the past you had a choice of basically two types of dentures – economy and premium. The distinctions are primarily materials used in fabrication, durability, customized appearance, and cost. Either type represents a significant improvement over having no teeth, but today you have another choice.

Fountain of Youth Dentures go beyond replacing teeth and mimicking pink gum tissues. Instead of a simple impression of your mouth, this system uses a dynamic analysis that also recognizes range of motion of the jaw and how facial muscles perform. The resulting prosthetic delivers dramatic improvement in stability, comfort, appearance, and function.

Benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures

The Fountain of Youth Dentures design approach precisely determines optimal tooth height to balance the bite and utilizes your unique neuromuscular construction to maintain a secure fit. You eat the foods you love, and smile, laugh, and speak with confidence that your dentures won't do anything unexpected.

Now let's talk about aesthetics. Regular dentures replace your teeth. Fountain of Youth Dentures restore your face. The design of front teeth supports fuller lips, back teeth fill out facial structure to smooth wrinkles, and proper functionality contributes to a stronger looking chin and tighter neck. These dentures can reverse years of sunken appearance from loss of bone and muscle due to lack of teeth and poorly fitting dentures. Of course Fountain of Youth Dentures are crafted of top quality materials for natural-looking, brilliant smiles.

Wearing dentures definitely has an impact on your look, your health, and your life. That impact can be a positive one with dentures that fit well and look terrific. Call Richmond Smile Center today at 804.417.7203 to schedule a denture consultation with Dr. Martin.

Disclaimer: The Fountain of Youth Dentures services are in no way related to Dr. Sam Muslin's exclusive Fountain of Youth Dentistry treatment.

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