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Richmond, VA family dentistry practice is designed to ease dental fears and instill good habits from generation to generation

Richmond VA Family Dentistry - Dr. Charles Martin, Richmond Smile Center Just as some people may be fearful of spiders or heights and others may be unable to function around these sources of fear, dental fear also manifests itself in a number of different ways. It's common for patients to be anxious at some time or other about a dental procedure. However, fear can transcend common dental anxiety and be debilitating.

Patients with dental phobia are never really patients. That's a big part of the problem. They may avoid dental care altogether. Forget about preventive check-ups or professional cleanings designed to maintain health, and catch and treat any problems as early as possible. Patients only seek care in emergencies. Perhaps they end up in the ER in agonizing pain after an infection has progressed and spread to other parts of the face and body.

Richmond Smile Center never wants a condition to progress to the point it affects every aspect of your life, with painful symptoms impairing your ability to sleep, to eat, or to concentrate. You may miss work or school, and are unable to be a good parent to your children or caregiver to a parent.

Yet Richmond Smile Center also understands how this fear develops, and has designed a practice in stark contrast to the dental approaches that have contributed to patients experiencing potentially destructive anxiety and phobia.

Where fear starts

There is a large volume of literature on the subject of dental fear. Across this research, many of the same themes emerge. Those with fear frequently cite the sound of the drill and anxiety over shots and pain as reasons for their avoiding the dentist. Many of those individuals with severe dental fear can trace anxiety back to negative childhood experiences.

Dr. Charles Martin and his team want to get your children or grandchildren off to a great start with dental care so they will keep going back for regular check-ups and cleanings, and look forward to seeing their friendly dental professionals! They will then pass these positive associations on to their children.

You will get a sense as to how Richmond Smile Center distinguishes itself from the time you walk in the door and relax in the Internet café while you wait. iPods and other noise reduction techniques drown out any anxiety-inducing medical or machine sounds, and even dental smells are minimized. Dr. Martin is also trained to safely prescribe conscious oral sedation and whenever possible uses lasers to ease trauma and potential side effects during and after treatment.

If you live in the Richmond area, call to visit Richmond Smile Center and see for yourself the unique approach to family dentistry. Taking into account even the smallest details adds up to a pleasant and comfortable experience.

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