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Patients in Richmond VA prevent sources of tooth decay under guidance of family friendly dentists

Family Friendly Dentist in Richmond VA - Dr. Charles Martin Tooth decay does not age discriminate. Every day Richmond Smile Center works to prevent decay or the progression of damage to the teeth, and restores the teeth of everyone from grandparents to grandchildren back to health.

Your teeth's protective enamel covering is stronger than bones, but is still no match for the sugars and acids in soda and energy drinks and even in supposedly healthy fruit juices and sports drinks.

Decay-inducing habits

Your mouth contains bacteria. When sugars and bacteria combine, they produce a destructive acid, which attacks the enamel. Each acid attack reportedly lasts about 20 minutes and occurs every time you sip a soft drink or juice that is sugary.

For this reason, Richmond Smile Center might suggest drinking the beverage all at once to minimize the effects of the sugars and bacteria. When you sip on the drink throughout the day, your teeth are bathed in this on an ongoing basis, which can ultimately weaken your teeth.

Other sneaky sources of acid include fruits, especially citrus such as oranges and lemons, and pickles, yogurt, some cheeses such as Parmesan and meats such as corned beef.

Of course, kids and adults alike may enjoy these acidic products; however, children may be more susceptible to acid attacks because their enamel is not fully developed.

Decay-inducing conditions

Children, too, may have conditions such as acid reflux and gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD). Generally, these conditions may arise as you get older. In fact, GERD is the most common upper GI disorder in older adults. Acid comes into play here because the fluid that aids in digestion can become backed up. This backwash can cause significant enamel erosion.

As your family friendly dentists in in Richmond, VA, Richmond Smile Center suggests ways to prevent enamel erosion and minimize damage from acids caused by medical conditions or habits. Should you need treatment to repair decay, Dr. Charles Martin and his team provide the latest, safe methods dental science has to offer, ranging from Fountain of Youth Dentures to precise All-on-4 dental implant systems that take into account facial anatomy. These treatments are all delivered comfortably, using the lightest touch possible thanks to laser and sedation dentistry.

It's never too late (or too early) to start good habits that will assure your oral and overall health. Call 804-417-7203 to schedule an appointment.

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