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Are you searching for "the best family dentist near me in Richmond VA?"

Best Family Dentist near me in Richmond VA - Dr. Charles Martin The best family dentist is the one that practices comprehensive care. This type of care looks at your whole mouth health, not the health or treatment of each individual tooth. It takes into account both basic check-ups to maintain health as well as complex care, the latter of which is centered on treatments designed to restore your mouth to health.

The food you eat (and the way you eat it) has significant effects on the type of care you may need and when you'll need it over your lifetime.

While it is never too late to practice tooth-friendly habits, it is best to get into a healthy routine at a young age. It's common to hear Richmond Smile Center staff discuss the importance of good nutrition with parents during well baby visits.

What you eat promotes the development of plaque. This sticky film is produced when sugars and starches remain on the teeth. As this debris interacts with the bacteria naturally present in your mouth, it creates an acidic mixture. These acids attack the teeth.

Plaque is actually bacteria in a sticky, colorless film. You have to remove this plaque regularly, as it is always forming. Plaque can be removed with proper brushing and flossing. In its hardened state, tartar, it requires professional intervention at Richmond Smile Center, which underscores the need for professional cleanings every six months (or as recommended by Dr. Martin).

Some foods, by their nature, represent risks to teeth. Think of all the sticky foods that stubbornly cling to teeth – honey, ice cream, hard candies, chips, and dry cereals. These foods are not as easy to wash away naturally with saliva. Some of these foods are also associated with snacking, and without brushing, they provide opportunity for the combination of food and bacteria to attack the teeth.

Many of the good guys on the menu are the same foods and drink that are good for your heart and whole-body health, including:
  • Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables such as apples, bananas, broccoli, spinach, and raspberries
  • Cheese, plain yogurt, and other dairy products
  • Sugarless gum
  • Teas
  • Fluoride-containing products, such as some low sugar juice powders, dehydrated soups
Several of these foods are superstars, as they stimulate the production of saliva. The American Dental Association has also mentioned fiber for its scrubbing effect on the mouth, while green and black teas contain substances called polyphenols, which interact with bacteria to kill or prevent them from producing the acid that does so much damage to the teeth.

We have an answer to the question, "Who is the best family dentist near me in Richmond VA?" Dr. Martin consultative, comprehensive approach is effective in achieving optimal oral health.

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