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Ouch! Where can I find emergency dentistry near me in the Richmond area?

Emergency Dentistry Near me Richmond - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Hopefully you’ll never be in pain and asking yourself that question. Unfortunately, the American Dental Association indicates that there is a dental ER visit every 15 seconds in this country. Many are the result of a cavity that hurts so much the individual just can’t stand it anymore. Others are teeth broken or knocked out, or acute pain from an abscess. When you are scared and hurting, it isn’t the best time to sit calmly at the computer and search on “emergency dentistry near me.” Richmond dentist, Dr. Charles Martin suggests a little planning now to potentially avoid dental issues, and to be in good hands should an emergency occur.

Your options in a dental emergency

A dentist is not obligated to see you for an emergency simply because he or she is nearby. Some dentists choose not to take emergencies at all, even for their regular patients. Don’t panic – you can still get care, but the situation may not be ideal.

Dental clinics – You may be lucky enough to find a dental clinic in the area that takes walk-ins. They generally try to give same day or next day appointments to emergency cases. Dental students sometimes gain hands-on experience through internship at urgent care clinics.

Hospital emergency room – Many emergency rooms do not have a dentist on staff. By law, though, an ER must provide treatment, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. They will usually supply pain medication and antibiotics for dental emergencies, to give you some relief until you see a dentist. On average, ER visits cost about three times as much as a routine appointment at a dentist’s office.

Family dentist you know and trust – The preferred solution is to be a patient of record with a reputable family dentist. An experienced professional who knows you, and your medical and dental history, is in the best position to provide the care you need, quickly and compassionately.

Prepare, prevent, relax

Richmond Smile Center welcomes new patients of all ages. Dr. Martin provides a broad range of preventive services to keep your mouth healthy, so you may never need emergency care. He works with patients to develop healthy habits at home, and to maintain regular check-ups. Prevention and catching dental problems early is the best way to avoid emergency situations.

Despite good home hygiene and regular professional dental care, emergencies can still arise. As a patient of Richmond Smile Center you can count on prompt attention and the restorative treatments you need, under one roof. You may use the regular number, 804-417-7203, any time of the day or night. We have staff on-call.

Prepare for a dental emergency now by becoming a Richmond Smile Center patient. Dr. Martin will help you prevent many dental problems. Then relax, knowing that the Richmond Smile Center team is here for you if an emergency should occur.

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