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Richmond VA shares situations that may require emergency dental care

Dental Emergency - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Many types of conditions require emergency dentistry. Generally, the sooner you call Richmond Smile Center at 804-417-7203, the greater the odds that Dr. Charles Martin and his team will be able to minimize serious complications and the expense, time, and pain associated with problems.

Some conditions are obviously emergencies. For example, you may knock out a tooth during a fall or while playing sports. Prevention is key where possible, and Dr. Martin can discuss fitting you or a family member with a customized guard to protect the teeth while playing sports.

You may question whether other types of conditions actually warrant emergency treatment. These are typically slower-moving, chronic problems, but they can have some of the most serious effects on your whole-body health. For instance, a dental infection known as an abscess is actually a pus-filled pocket often accompanied by facial swelling. This severe infection can spread to other parts of the body, and progress from a dental condition to a medical emergency.

Richmond Smile Center never wants any disease or ongoing problem to get to such a point. Ideally, you will have seen Dr. Martin on a consistent basis for check-ups to catch and respond to emerging problems quickly, thereby avoiding complications.

The following are some common symptoms frequently associated with a condition that requires a call to the Richmond Smile Center team:
  • Sensitivity – Sudden discomfort, especially when drinking or eating hot or cold foods and beverages can be a sign of decay or a loose restoration.
  • Sharp, acute pain – When you bite down, do you experience a shooting, stabbing discomfort? This can be an indicator of more severe decay, which may necessitate root canal treatment. It can also be caused by a crack or worn-down fillings.
  • Lingering pain –If pain lasts for more than 30 seconds after biting down or consuming a hot or cold food or drink, you may have irreversible damage to the tooth. This could be caused by an accident or deep decay.
  • Unrelenting pain and pressure – You may have an abscess, especially if accompanied by swelling and tissue sensitivity.
  • Dull ache – This is an interesting one. You may be grinding your teeth at night and not even realize it. Dr. Martin can customize a special guard to protect your teeth from damage. This pressure, especially in the upper teeth and jaw, may be unrelated to your teeth. It could be a sign of sinus problems, warranting a visit to your doctor or specialist.
When in doubt, it's always best to not delay. Just call. Your Dental Emergency Provider in Richmond VA always has someone available to help you, day or night.

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