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Our restorations are beautiful solutions to complex dental issues in Richmond

Dental Restorations at Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Even if you have severe dental problems, Dr. Martin and his highly trained team at Richmond Smile center can put a healthy, dazzling smile on your face! Our gentle care and beautiful restorations can have you talking, eating, and smiling happily and beautifully, no matter how complex your case may be.

After a thorough examination and in-depth discussion of your concerns and goals, Dr. Martin will develop a treatment plan customized to your needs and desires. Some of the services we offer that might be incorporated in your plan include:
  • Teeth whitening – Sometimes, a simple teeth whitening treatment, whether it is done in our inviting office, or in the comfort of your own home, is all that is needed to transform your smile from dull to dazzling.
  • Tooth colored fillings – Unlike unsightly silver amalgam fillings, our beautiful composite resin fillings blend in seamlessly with the natural tooth structure, leaving no dark spots in your smile.
  • Porcelain veneers – Cosmetic imperfections in your smile can be covered quickly and easily with lustrous porcelain veneers, giving you a beautiful new smile in just a couple of appointments.
  • Crowns – Beautiful porcelain crowns can provide strength and protection to damaged or weakened teeth and they can be used to cover cosmetic imperfections for cases in which veneers cannot be used.
  • Bridges – These tried and true dental restorations can be used to fill the gaps from missing teeth, restoring function and beauty to your smile.
  • Dental Implants – Thanks to advances in dentistry, the entire structure of missing teeth can be replaced with dental implants. They precisely replicate the full function and form of natural teeth, which is why they are preferred by most doctors and patients worldwide. Dr. Martin's dental implant treatment stands apart from the crowd for several reasons. Due to his extensive training and experience, he can complete the entire process in his office, rather than referring patients to a specialist for the surgical portion of the procedure as many dentists do. Thanks to his efficiency, and advanced technology and techniques, the treatment is more comfortable and faster than ever before.
Your smile can be strong, healthy, and beautiful again! Dr. Martin is well known for his exceptional skills in providing comfortable care and exquisite results. Call 804.417.7203 today, or use the convenient form at the side of this page to schedule your appointment at Richmond Smile Center.

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