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Patients in the Richmond area ask, "What are implant dentures?"

What are Implant Dentures - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Today's denture wearer lives in an exciting age. Denture materials, design, and techniques are constantly improving. More options are available to provide replacement teeth that look natural and fit and function well. Dr. Charles Martin has devoted a significant portion of his practice to helping denture wearing patients from the Richmond area and all over the county enjoy improved quality of life. One of the questions often posed to Dr. Martin is, "What are implant dentures?"

A dental implant looks like small cylinder or screw. In a relatively brief procedure performed right at his Richmond offices, Dr. Martin precisely places the implant into your jaw bone. The tiny gum incision heals within a few days. Over time bone fuses with the implant, replicating the root of a natural tooth and providing a solid foundation for a dental restoration or prosthetic.

Types of implant dentures:

  • Implant supported bridge. This is not an implant denture, but the two terms are commonly confused. An implant supported bridge is similar to a regular dental bridge, except it is fixed in place by dental implants on either side of the gap, rather than by crowns on teeth. This method may be appropriate when stand alone dental implants cannot be placed in a certain area due to insufficient bone density or proximity to a sinus or nerve.

  • Fixed implant supported overdenture (upper or lower). Dr. Martin determines how many implants will provide optimal denture stability in your situation and places them. He creates a custom denture with attachment points that line up perfectly with the implants. The overdenture is fixed in place, and the holes for the implants are covered. Dr. Martin provides instruction for home oral hygiene, and removes the denture during regular checkups, for thorough cleaning.

  • Removable implant supported overdenture. This technique is similar to a fixed implant supported overdenture, but may be taken out by the patient. A special bar is affixed to implants. The overdenture has snaps or clips that attach to the bar, and the gum portion of the denture hides the bar. This method may be used when all teeth are missing from the upper or lower arch.

  • Implant stabilized overdenture. This method is appropriate for the lower arch. A number of implants are placed. Once healed, abutment posts are added to the implants. Dr. Martin may be able to modify your existing lower denture or will create a new one with attachment points. You simply snap the denture into place, and easily remove it for nightly cleaning.

  • All on Four implant stabilized denture. Dr. Martin's All on Four technique utilizes specially designed and laser placed implants that may be immediately "loaded" with a temporary denture, so you leave the office with a complete smile. When implant healing is complete you receive a final denture artistically designed to compliment your entire face.
That is only a brief answer to "What are implant dentures." Call Richmond Smile Center to learn more. The number is 804.417.7203.

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