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Richmond dentist explains benefits of dental implants

Richmond Dental Implants - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin While the technology continues to evolve, dental implants aren’t new. They have been around since the mid-1960s and began to gain acceptance by 1980. Dr. Charles Martin was at the forefront of this game-changing advance in dentistry. He has been placing implants since 1983, with an extremely high success rate and an even higher rate of patient satisfaction. He encourages residents of Richmond and surrounding areas to consider the important benefits of getting dental implants at Richmond Smile Center.

Assurance in Dr. Martin’s credentials

Dr. Martin’s dental background began with a degree in biology from Virginia Tech and a diploma from Medical College of Virginia School of Dentistry, just about the time implant dentistry was emerging. He embraced this technique, becoming not only a practitioner, but also a scholar of implant dentistry with indepth training. Dr. Martin is a member of the Misch Implant Institute and the American College of Implantology. He belongs to the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and holds the distinction of Diplomate of this esteemed group.

One-stop for dental implants

Implantology is a complex science. Whether the case is rather routine, or the patient has bone loss and sinus cavities close to the upper arch, precise diagnosis and careful pre-planning are vital. Dr. Martin handles all phases of the procedure, including surgical aspects and placing the final restoration. You enjoy the convenience of fewer appointments and reduced anxiety in the care of the Dentist you already know and trust.

Esthetics and function

The primary benefit of a dental implant is that it replaces a missing tooth. It restores the appearance of your smile, allows you to speak without lisping, and eat the nutritious foods you enjoy. Dental implants are extremely versatile. This technique can be used to remedy a single missing tooth, several, or a whole arch. Implants can anchor a dental bridge, or hold dentures with stability never before possible.

When teeth are missing, bone tends to deteriorate, giving the face a sunken appearance. An implant mimics the root of a natural tooth, extending into the jawbone. That stimulates strong bone density every time you bite down or chew, preserving function and facial esthetics.

Easy care

Stand-alone dental implants are non-removable. Implant restorations require only normal good oral hygiene – daily brushing and flossing, and regular professional check-ups -- to potentially last a lifetime.

A dental implant is the closest replacement for a lost tooth currently available in dentistry. An implant restoration looks and feels so natural, that you may forget which tooth is the implant! Enjoy a restored smile in Dr. Martin’s capable hands. Call Richmond Smile Center at 804.417.7203 to learn more about the benefits of dental implants.

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