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Richmond dentist offers many modern options for the dental implants procedure to replace missing teeth

Dental Implants Procedure - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Traditionally a dental implants procedure takes many months and spans several steps. The Richmond Smile Center has taken the stress, unnecessary complexity, and time commitment out of this process.

The many months traditionally required for treatment is due to the healing process involved with stabilizing the implant. The additional steps are necessary as the implant-supported tooth is designed to feel, look, and function like your natural tooth. As such, there are three key parts of the new tooth. Each part must be addressed as a different step.

Richmond Smile Center has made this process far easier on patients than what you might experience at other dental providers. All steps of the process are offered in-house. Not all dental providers are equipped to place the dental implant or titanium post that will essentially become your new tooth root.

Dr. Charles Martin is one of the area's pioneers in placing dental implants. Since Dr. Martin has been placing implants for more than 30 years, the surgery will not be referred out to a specialist. You get to remain under the care of the professionals you have come to trust at Richmond Smile Center.

These professionals will be with you through every step of the process. After the implant has successfully fused to the underlying bone during osseointegration, an abutment (connector) will be placed to attach the crown above the gum line to the underlying implant.

Dr. Martin also uses a new implant technology to reduce the amount of time it takes to place the new tooth. Alternatives may include a type of implant that sits on top of the bone, but under the gum line. All-on-4 implant systems minimize the number of implants needed for maximum support for those individuals missing a number of teeth, and the temporary or initial implant-supported dentures may be comfortable and functional enough that another permanent set of teeth isn't needed!

Fountain of Youth Dentures are another option for those missing a lot or all of their teeth, and are even suitable for those patients who have suffered from significant bone loss over time. With standard implant systems, bone from another part of the body might have to be grafted to build up a secure foundation for the implant-supported tooth.

Dr. Martin also uses the SIMPLANT® computer-guided system to place your implant. This 3-Dimensional rendering helps to guide accurate implant treatment. While already a highly successful treatment, this approach to placing the implant further increases the odds of a desirable outcome.

Get ready to enjoy your new teeth

These modern approaches to replacing teeth help you avoid many of the complications associated with tooth replacements that are not securely fitted to the underlying bone. For instance, conventional dentures are not connected to the supporting bone. The lack of stimulation from attached teeth eventually leads to the bone atrophying, just as your muscles might atrophy following periods of sickness. This bone resorption can change the appearance of your face and affect how you eat and talk.

Don't live any longer with missing teeth. To find out more about the dental implants procedure from those professionals in Richmond who understand every step of it, call 804.417.7203 to schedule an appointment at the Richmond Smile Center office, just minutes from the Shoppes at Bellgrade.

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