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Richmond dentist offers latest approaches to ease anxiety over the dental implant process

Dental Implant Dentist - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin The forerunner to the dental implant reportedly dates back to 600 A.D. Mayan skulls have been discovered with teeth made from shells.

Thankfully, dentistry has come a long way from when shells or stones were used to replace missing teeth, though some of these methods were surprisingly effective at fusing with the underlying bone.

Richmond Smile Center offers the latest technologies dentistry has to offer to ensure you have the most convenient and comfortable experience and that you get the results you need from your dental implant.

For instance, you may have heard dental implants are a time-consuming process that requires months of preparation and ongoing dental visits. Thanks to Dr. Martin's training in the latest technologies, you can walk into the Richmond Smile Center with a gap and walk out the same day with a new tooth, a new smile, and a new outlook.

Under the traditional model, after your dentist determines a dental implant-supported tooth is best for you, he or she would refer you to a specialist. The specialist would place the titanium implant in your jawbone. You would then wait around three to six months for the implant to fuse with the underlying bone in a process called osseointegration.

With Richmond Smile Center's approach to dental implants, you don't have to go anywhere else. After Dr. Martin determines the dental implant-supported option is best for you, he will be the professional who places the implant. In fact, Dr. Martin has been placing implants since the 1980s. He has also received advanced training in the latest techniques. This is where Richmond Smile Center diverges from the pack and from what other dental practices in the area offer.

Instead of waiting for months for the bone to fuse to the titanium post, Dr. Martin will place the implants and attach the restorations in one visit. You can have new teeth in just one visit.

The advantages of partnering with Richmond Smile Center for your new teeth don't end there. Dr. Martin also offers the All-on-4 implant system for those patients who are missing all of their teeth. Its benefits are not limited to its cost-effectiveness. Instead of having to get an implant for each tooth, a full arch may be replaced with just four implants.

Technology is always advancing. Your dental implant dentist in Richmond, Dr. Charles Martin, will explain the latest high-tech options to replace your missing teeth and get you feeling better, possibly in one visit.

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