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What Richmond area patients can expect from cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin In 1760, John Baker sailed from England to America to set up the first dentistry practice on these shores, served by a medically-trained practitioner. Dental care was once available only to the wealthy and considered something of a last resort for acute pain. Dentistry in the United Sates has come a long way since then. Today, most people take advantage of preventive and general treatments, and cosmetic dentistry is in demand, for everyone from brides-to-be to job seekers. Dr. Charles Martin explains what patients can expect with cosmetic dentistry options at his practice in Richmond, VA.

Esthetics in all treatments

While some dental treatments are purely for cosmetic enhancement – to make the smile more attractive – at Richmond Smile Center there is an element of artistry in every procedure. Dr. Martin crafts fillings, crowns, and bridges that blend beautifully with natural dentition. Every restoration is designed, shaped, and colored to complement facial features.

Reasonable expectations

As a cosmetic dentistry patient at Richmond Smile Center, here is what you can anticipate.

A comprehensive approach. Dr. Martin begins with a thorough evaluation of your oral wellness; teeth and gums. It is important to address dental health issues before pursuing the smile of your dreams. Then the Doctor considers a wide variety of aspects that influence your facial appearance:
  • The shape, length, spacing, and color of your teeth.
  • Your bite – how your upper and lower arches fit together.
  • Gum color and contour.
  • The form and shade of your lips.
  • The shape of your face.
  • Your skin tone and hair color.
  • Gender.
  • Career and hobbies. Do you speak in front of others frequently? Is your appearance critical to your job?
  • Even your personality type. Are you serious? Do you smile and laugh a lot?
These details help Dr. Martin suggest the best cosmetic dentistry treatments to achieve your smile goals.

A personalized smile makeover plan. Dr. Martin’s expertise in cosmetic dentistry encompasses many different procedures. There is no one treatment or combination that is perfect for every patient. He designs a smile makeover plan just for you. One that addresses what concerns you most about the appearance of your smile, and takes into consideration your availability for appointments, your lifestyle, and your budget. Your strategy might be as simple as an in-office Zoom! teeth whitening treatment, or involve a phased-in plan for dental implants, crowns, and porcelain veneers.

Satisfaction. At the conclusion of your smile makeover, you can expect to feel confident with a smile you show off proudly. Patients often feel that they look more youthful. Many are inspired by their new smile to make other personal improvements; a new hairstyle, losing weight, or freshening up their wardrobe.

At Richmond Smile Center, you get more than outstanding cosmetic dentistry. You get the treatment you deserve. Call 804.417.7203 to schedule a smile makeover consultation with Dr. Martin.

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