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Richmond VA practice addresses surprising effects of stress on oral health with quality dental care

Quality Dental Care - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin At some time or other, you will feel stressed. Stress is just part of the human condition. Not all stress is bad. Eustress can be a motivator. The pressure you feel to complete a project within a specified deadline can be the productive kick you need to fulfill your goals to the best of your ability.

Feeling chronic distress, however, is anything but beneficial. It can be counterproductive and promote a number of harmful conditions. You may have personal experience with a life change or traumatic event that negatively affected your health. Perhaps you were anxious and depressed. Maybe you had heart trouble, digestive distress, or experienced sleep and memory disturbances.

What you may not be as aware of is the role stress plays in the health of your teeth and gums. If stress can have such a significant impact on your overall health, it naturally has the potential to affect your oral health negatively because your mouth is inextricably linked to the rest of your body.

Notably, poorly managed stress affects how the immune system functions. When immunity is suppressed, the body can't fight off threats such as the bacteria that cause progressive and destructive gum disease.

Canker sores, cold sores, and teeth grinding or bruxism are also associated with episodes of high stress. Some of these conditions result in a domino effect of chips, fractures, wear, and temporomandibular joint disorders. TMD affects the joint that connects the skull to the jawbone. Symptoms include headaches, facial pain, and changes with how the upper and lower teeth fit together.

The Richmond Smile Center is equipped to identify these and other types of conditions. From there, appropriate in-office treatments and at-home care will be recommended. For instance, a custom-fitted guard to protect teeth from grinding at night can prevent damage to the teeth and the painful, headache-inducing jaw problems.

Just as the Richmond Smile Center approaches oral health from the lens of general health and wellness, the team also approaches each tooth as part of the whole. Examining, diagnosing, and treating a single tooth or single problem always takes into account the whole mouth and the whole you, and the effects of treatment on long-term health and quality of life.

As a quality dental care provider in Richmond, I think of all treatments in terms of a "30-year dental plan," as all restorations should have lasting, positive consequences for patients. To discover the comprehensive, better, long-term approach to dentistry, schedule an appointment by calling 804-417-7203.

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