Pink, White or Red Gums: What is Healthy and What is Not

June 29th, 2007 by admin

When you look at your gums, what colors do you see? If your gums are healthy, the color you will see is a healthy and uniform pink.

If your gums appear more red than pink, you should contact your dentist immediately and schedule an appointment to find out what’s causing the redness.  The most common causes are periodontis, or gum disease, which is often signaled by red, bleeding or swollen gums. Even if the redness you see is limited to right after you brush, when there’s a little "pink in the sink" you should take red gums seriously!

White gums are a cause for alarm as well. White gums can signal the presence of infection elsewhere in your body due to increased white cell activity. 

The color of your gums is a good indicator of overall health as well as dental health. Because a healthy system has the correct balance of red and white blood cells and is free of infection, a healthy mouth will have clear pink gums. If you see any other color when you look in the mirror, call your dentist and make an appointment to find out why and to correct the problem now!

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