Dental Solutions for Chipped or Cracked Teeth

May 23rd, 2007 by admin

Are you suffering with chipped or cracked teeth and feel embarrassed or upset?  There are simple solutions available at your dental office to instantly improve the appearance and performance of those chipped or cracked teeth.

For teeth that are slightly chipped or cracked, dental bonding is a super solution.  During dental bonding, a dentist uses a tooth colored material and heat to sculpt a new, perfect tooth.  The procedure is painless and you can leave the dentist’s office with an attractive new smile.

For more severely chipped or cracked teeth, you dentist may decide to use a dental crown.  The tooth is covered with a dental cap called a crown, which may be made from dental porcelain or ceramic.  Badly damaged teeth can be stabilized with dental crowns.

Finally, really cracked or broken teeth that require extraction can be replaced with a dental bridge or dental implants.  A dental bridge resembles a tooth or teeth and is anchored to the neighboring teeth.  Dental implants are actually implanted into the gums individually to look and work just like your own teeth.

No matter how chipped or cracked your teeth may be, contact your dentist to find out the best way to a better smile.

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