An Overcrowded Mouth – When There are Too Many Teeth

August 17th, 2007 by admin

When there are too many teeth in a mouth, some of them need to become smaller or just go away altogether. While the incidence of people actually growing too many teeth is low, sometimes that does occur. The unfortunate thing is that extra teeth must usually grow out most if not all of the way in order for a dental surgeon to remove them.

Too many teeth make good dental hygiene very difficult because you can’t brush all surfaces of every tooth or floss between all your teeth. The incidence of cavities and gum problems is much higher when there are too many teeth than it is when there are too few.

However, sometimes it may appear that a person has too many teeth in his or her mouth when the fact is that the number of teeth present is normal and correct but that some of those teeth are crooked enough to make it appear extra teeth are present. When that happens, the answer is probably braces, but in mild cases reducing the overlapping tooth area may be possible.

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