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" When I first met Dr. Martin, he reviewed my case and said, 'We do what you need.' Plain and simple but very confident. He put me at ease, as did his staff, a wonderful group of people who make you feel like family. They kept me informed about my case and made me very relaxed. Dr. Martin and his staff have been great from the first time we met and at every appointment since. If I had to do it all over again I'd be right here. Dr. Martin and staff make me smile. "

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Richmond Dentist Explains the Link Between TMD and Neck Pain

June 26th, 2013
How often do you find yourself experiencing neck pain? Did you know that this could be a warning sign of a serious medical issue? Over ten million Americans currently suffer from TMJ disorder, or TMD. At Richmond Smile Center, we can diagnose your TMD a… more »

Richmond Dentist: What is a Cosmetic Dentist?

June 24th, 2013
What is a cosmetic dentist? Few people have heard the term ?cosmetic dentist? and may not fully understand what it means. A cosmetic dentist uses a variety of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to improve the appearance and function of a per… more »

Richmond Dentist Answers Questions About Natural Looking Tooth Replacement

June 21st, 2013
When replacing a missing tooth, you want your restoration to look completely natural. Fortunately, at Richmond Smile Center, we offer a breakthrough procedure that provides natural looking dental restoration. Dental implants can return your smile to ful… more »

Richmond Dentist Discusses the Health Risks and Benefits of Coffee

June 19th, 2013
Do you require a cup of joe before starting your day? You?re not alone. According to research 50% of Americans drink a cup or more of coffee daily. That adds up to over 330 million cups of coffee consumed every day. How does drinking that much coffee af… more »

Richmond Dentist Guarantees Healthy and Beautiful Smile That Would Last for 30 Years

June 18th, 2013
Smiling is one of the simplest facial expressions that a person can freely do. It is being priceless and won?t require you any special skills. However, due to some teeth problems, some people are prevented from smiling. That is why some hide their smi… more »

Richmond Dentist: Why Choose Dr. Martin?

June 17th, 2013
When searching for a dentist to improve the health and appearance of your smile, you have plenty to choose from. In fact, a quick Google search will reveal a myriad of dental care options. However, if you?re looking for a quality dentist who will provid… more »

Richmond Dentist Improves Smiles with Partial Dentures

June 14th, 2013
A beautiful smile can make a great first impression and can help boost self-confidence. Unfortunately, people with missing teeth often feel embarrassed about their smile. Missing teeth don?t just hinder the appearance of your smile, but your overall den… more »

Richmond Dentist Answers Questions About Dentures

June 12th, 2013
Research by the American Association of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgeons, adults over the age of 35 have typically lost at least one permanent tooth. By age 74, over 26% of adults have lost all of their teeth. Missing teeth compromise the health and inte… more »

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