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Richmond Dentist gives denture wearers something to smile about with All on 4 implants

All On 4 Implants - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin Thousands of men and women in the Richmond area rely on dentures to restore their smiles and chewing function. While dentures are a significant improvement over having no teeth, denture wearers often complain that their prosthetics slip, wobble, pop out, or cause sore spots. And who likes the feeling of food trapped underneath a denture? The initial snug fit of properly designed dentures can change over time, as the shape of the mouth evolves due to pressure. Dr. Charles Martin is the dentist that patients throughout the Richmond area trust for denture solutions. He recommends an All on 4 treatment concept for optimal fit, comfort, and function.

Understanding All on 4

A dental implant is a small screw made of a strong biocompatible material. It is precisely placed into the jaw bone using a minimally invasive procedure. In the All on 4 system, the implant serves two primary purposes. Four to six these implants, strategically placed in the arch, hold a denture in position with an incredible level of stability. The implants and denture are fitted with special attachment points that fix the denture securely. Second, implants mimic the roots of natural teeth, providing vital stimulation for strong bone density each time you bite down.

The All on 4 difference

The All on 4 system has some distinct advantages over other methods. The implants are placed and "loaded" with the denture immediately upon extraction of teeth. You walk out of the office with a complete smile. In some cases the initial denture is satisfactory, but it can be adjusted after healing if necessary.

Even patients with some level of bone loss from gum disease or long-term missing teeth are usually candidates for All on 4, since the implants are smaller and specially designed for this purpose. If necessary, Dr. Martin will talk with you about supplemental bone grafts.

The All on 4 treatment concept can be used for upper or lower dentures. Dr. Martin's patients especially like the smaller, lighter upper plate that does not cover the upper palate. They retain natural ability to taste and sense temperature.

Your new teeth are fixed, so you brush normally and floss as you would with a dental bridge (don't worry, the Richmond Smile Center hygiene team takes plenty of time to show you how). Dr. Martin removes the denture for extra cleaning during your bi-annual checkups.

The right dentures, customized to flatter your entire face, enhance self-confidence and dramatically improve quality of life. Call Richmond Smile Center today at 804.417.7203 to schedule an All on 4 consultation with Dr. Martin.

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