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Consider the answer to, "What is the best dentist near me in Richmond VA?" when replacing teeth with implants

Best Dentist Near Me in Richmond VA - Richmond Smile Center, Dr. Charles Martin All-on-Four dental implant systems are not particularly unique to dental practices, but the way Richmond Smile Center approaches this procedure is a world apart from what many other practices offer.

A word on these types of dental implants

You may already know a little about dental implants. Generally, the implant itself is a titanium post surgically placed in the jawbone. This part of your new tooth is designed to mimic the natural tooth root.

The part of the tooth you see above the gum line is called the crown. The "artificial tooth root" or implant is then connected to the crown via an abutment.

The idea behind All-on-Four is to place the minimum number of implants to support the maximum number of teeth. In fact, the name of this implant system is derived from the minimum number of implants that may be used to support a full arch in either the upper or lower jaw and as part of a fixed dentures system. The implants themselves are strategically placed to provide the most effective support to the new teeth.

Richmond Smile Center's approach to All-on-Four

There are many benefits to having implant-supported dentures. For starters, since the implant-supported teeth are rebuilt from the root up, they are designed to not only look like natural teeth but also to function and feel like the teeth you lost.

In turn, teeth are stabilized. There is no fear your new teeth will slide around, as has traditionally been the case with conventional dentures. You avoid all the embarrassment and annoyance associated with denture slippage.

The All-on-Four system is lauded in the world of implants, as it is known to be particularly lightweight. For those missing their upper teeth, a large covering over the palate isn't necessary, which makes a much more comfortable design. Those missing their lower teeth also appreciate that this system isn't bulky and doesn't cause irritation to delicate tissues.

In the world of All-on-Four implant-supported systems, Richmond Smile Center stands out in a good way. From beginning to end, Dr. Charles Martin and his team offer a number of differentiators to create at comfortable and efficient experience for patients by:
  • Employing advanced diagnostics to comprehensively evaluate your face and jawbone for precision treatment planning
  • Using human growth factors or proteins derived from the patient's own body to speed up healing post-treatment
  • Applying lasers to minimize trauma associated with the process, and promote faster, easier wound healing
This just skims the surface of the many benefits of partnering with Richmond Smile Center on your All-on-Four dental implants, so when you ask "What is the best dentist near me in Richmond Va.?" consider Dr. Martin and his team. Call 804.417.7203 to schedule an appointment.

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